#78 Christina Suter: Education- 5 Tips on Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

“If you don’t have any social media, it’s like having a storefront with your door to the alley with no signage.” -Christina Suter


Today I am sharing 5 tips on a topic that I don’t know much about personally, but am required to partake in because of my business and expertise in real estate. The first thing we should establish is why do we do it? Why should we engage in social media and invest in using it as a marketing tool? The first answer is to establish yourself in what you do. Real estate professionals should use social media to help build and establish a reputation that is trusting and consistent. The first thing people look for before they hire you for a service or hand over money is trust. People need to know that they can trust you and social media is a great way to solidify you as an expert. Social media can be that thing that many of us shy away from, however I have found that working with a branding manager and project manager has made me appreciate the value my business receives from being active on social media. 

Topics Covered in this episode:

  • How to use social media to your advantage as a real estate professional 
  • Why is it important to establish yourself in the field 
  • Why people need to trust you before they do business with you
  • How to establish your culture as an individual 
  • How to create rich and engaging content 
  • What is a cultural mix match 


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