#79 Cortney Jones: How to Use Real Estate To Gain Financial Freedom 

“I just never saw another thing that could bring the kinds of returns like real estate does and give you the same type of freedom which for me is the number one thing to do what I want when I want.” -Cortney Jones


Today I am interviewing Cortney Jones who is a real estate investor, trainer/coach and educator. She is Arizona’s WREN Chapter leader which is how I met Cortney at last years WREN Ignite Conference. As an educator she teaches courses on wholesaling and raising private capital. She also gives away a ton of free resources on her website and blog.  

Cortney Jones: Started her journey in real estate right after high school by working in the admin department for a property management company. After years in the field, she opened up her own business in 2004 where she was buying 6-15 properties a month. Fast forward to today, Cortney is a real estate investor and coach and focuses primarily on partnership deals. In her spare time she spends time with her family, travels, volunteers and is an advocate for abused children. 


  • Why property management is hard work 
  • How to treat your property managers well 
  • Residential ownership 
  • Buying a house with no money down
  • Creative real estate investing 
  • Buying subject 2
  • Cash flow 
  • Why Cortney became a real estate investor
  • Ownership vs management 
  • What is the heart of an entrepreneur
  • Knoxville, TN
  • How Cortney became financially free
  • Mentors
  • What does it mean to be a busy person 
  • Free and clear vs leverage 
  • The pros of going to real estate seminars


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Find out more about Cortney here: 

Website BestREItips.com

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