#8 Christina Suter- Net Worth Vs. Investable Capital

“Your net worth has a very distinct very clear job, its job is to work for you.”


Today I am going to talk about your net worth and what it means to find investable capital within your net worth. There is a distinct difference between what you can invest and what of your net worth is actually already working for you. A very important part of this, like Ive mentioned in my past shows, is taking ownership over your finances and you do this by calculating your assets vs your liabilities.  Remember, you cannot invest everything you own so deciding what your investable capital is, is key. Most of your net worth is already invested in an asset of some kind like your house, mutual funds, stocks, life insurance, etc… These assets are allocated to what you would consider as you current portfolio. This show will help you understand the difference between net worth and investable capital and how to determine how each fits the bill. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 

  • The importance of financial education 

  • Net wroth vs investable capital 

  • What of your net worth is already working for you

  • How to take ownership of your net worth 

  • Why you can’t invest everything you own


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks mindset is the key to financial leadership.

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