#83: Anthony Walker: The Agent as the Investor at Buckingham Investments

“I wanted to have a day job that allowed me to run an active income business, but was also going to give me exposure, experience and the knowledge to grow a real estate portfolio in the space that I wanted to be in.” -Anthony Walker


Today I am interviewing my friend and fellow investor Anthony Walker who is  the Managing Broker at Buckingham Investments. He is also a trusted advisor helping his clients reach financial freedom and retirement security. He is an educator teaching workshops with Buckingham Investments as well as a noted speaker in the Southern California region at educational and financial organizations. His focus is on the South Bay area of Los Angeles. 

Anthony Walker: Went to business school in 2008 and received his MBA from  Loyola Marymount University which is where he took his first real estate course. Deciding he wanted to trade his 9-5 routine in auto insurance claims for entrepreneurship, Anthony first how came to Buckingham Invesemtns as a client, where they helped him purchase his first investment property. He has developed an expansive real estate portfolio as an investor while still working as a Broker at Buckingham Investments. 



  • Why Anthony transitioned from the w2 life into entrepreneurship 
  • How Anthony went from client to Managing Broker at Buckingham Investments 
  • What does Buckingham Investments do 
  • What is a job in real estate
  • Why you should keep your job and use it to invest 
  • Agent vs the investors agent and what’s the difference 
  • What is property ownership
  • How does an agent meeting differ from an investors meeting 
  • Real estate language 
  • What is a setup sheet
  • Accumulating assets
  • Why you need to get physical inspections 
  • Not all experienced investors understand the basics, learn that first
  • Financial literacy 
  • Beginning with the end in mind 
  • Marty Stone one of the Founders of Buckingham Investments
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyiosaki 
  • What are behavioral patterns  in real estate 
  • Anticipated growth 
  • What are geographic constraints 
  • Low income demographics vs high income demographics 
  • LA rent control vs CA rent control 
  • Coastal real estate 
  • You should be buying for appreciation 
  • What is positive operating financial leverage 


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