#85 Amanda Han: Income Shifting Strategies & the New Tax Climate

“A lot of investors might hear & know the strategy, but if you’re not implementing it correctly before you sell the property, then your CPA however good they are, cannot help you.” -Amanda Han


Today I am interviewing Amanda Han, who is one of the founders of Keystone CPA alongside her partner Matt MacFarland. Keystone CPA focuses on tax strategies for the everyday investor to help them achieve wealth building by using entity structuring, income offset opportunities and self-directed investing. They are the Authors of two best selling books on AmazonThe Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor and The Book on Advanced Strategies. They are educators, speakers and contributors to platforms like Bigger Pockets, The Norris Group, Talks at Google and more.  

Amanda Han: Didn’t begin her career as a real estate CPA. Coming from a lineage of investors, Amanda didn’t get involved in real estate until after she began working with a CPA company that required her to work in the real estate department. That is where she gained her footing into becoming a Tax Strategist for real estate investors. As an investor herself Amanda and Keystone CPA flourish on helping their clients get the most out of their investment portfolios. 



  • What it means to have connection and community 
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • What is a 1031 exchange and how is it used
  • What is the difference between a CPA and a real estate based CPA
  • Income shifting and how it works 
  • What are the tax advantages for real estate investors
  • How can your kids contribute to your tax write offs
  • What are legal entities and are they necessary 
  • Wealth transfer
  • What is the difference between a lifetime gift vs an annual gift 
  • Know your risk tolerance 
  • Understanding California’s tax fees 
  • What happens when you use out ot state entities
  • What is the CA code language and does your CPA know it
  • Tax changes and what they mean 
  • Rolling suspended losses 
  • Self directed investing 


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