#86 Christina Suter: 14 Days to a Better Real Estate Investment

“It’s about being willing to be found and seen and it’s not that hard whether it’s a physical meeting or virtual as the  pathways are pretty straight forward. -Christina Suter 


Today I am sharing with you a few ways you can improve your real estate path in just 14 days. The two main components to this is one network and two, education. What I am suggesting you do is attend 2 meetings a day for both education and networking and read or listen to 2 blogs or podcasts a day. The goal here is to ramp up both your network and your knowledge so that you are further ahead in what you want to do as well as developing access to people, deals and information. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • What can you learn in 14 days education and networking 
  • Why meetings are vital for making connections 
  • Why experienced investors still need to be educated 
  • Why expanding your education is necessary 
  • Use Youtube to expand your knowledge

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