#87: Peter Fischer: Investing in the Team & Papers as a Real Estate Attorney

“The federal regulations when you’re raising money from passive investors is that you’re also selling a security as well as buying a piece of real property.” -Peter Fischer


Today I am interviewing a long time associate and friend of the FIBI network Peter Fishcer who is a real estate attorney and investor, and a partner at Sklar Kirsh. His practice revolves around most facades of the real estate industry such as development, fund formation, equity investments, joint ventures, acquisitions, syndications and more. When he first moved to LA, Peter became friends with Jeremy Roll who at the time was hosting roundtables before the FIBI network truly kicked off. Peter has also presented at multiple FIBI meetings in Southern California. 

Peter Fischer: Now an experienced commercial real estate attorney, began his career in New York as a project and bank finance attorney with Sherman & Sterling before moving to Latham & Watkins. After relocating to California, Peter worked with borrowers and sponsors for Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP. After that he practiced with Loeb & Loeb LLP in that firm’s entertainment finance department. As an experienced commercial attorney he now has partnered with Sklar Kirsh



  • Why did Peter go to Japan before deciding to go to law school 
  • How Peter met and became associated with FIBI Founder Jeremy Roll
  • Shepard Mullen 
  • The development of LA live 
  • Why Peter became eager to become and entrepreneur 
  • What is a boutique firm 
  • Why stocks are arbitrary 
  • Hunter Thompson
  • Why Peter chooses to not invest in stocks
  • Why most of his clients no longer invest in CA
  • CA is a tenant favorable state
  • What are the landlord and tenant laws in CA
  • Red tape and taxes in CA 
  • What are the complexities of funds 
  • What is the difference between a joint venture and a fund structure 
  • Why you should always research your sponsor 
  • Invest in the team and the papers 

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Find out more about Peter here: 

Website Sklarkirsh.com

Email pfischer@sklarkirsh.com

Phone 310.845.6416