#88 Christina Suter: Education- Should I Invest Out of State

“Investing out of state gives you the advantage to be able to diversify what you’re holding and why you’re holding it.” -Christina Suter 


Today I am answering a question I get asked a lot and that is, should I invest out of state? My answer is always yes and it depends. Knowing what your investment goals are can help guide you better to answering this question for yourself. Depending on where you live and the market you’re in, this will vary from investor to investor. Are you looking to hold for appreciation or cash on cash on your rentals every month? Southern California for example is what we call a high velocity market because of the way it moves. Markets like Indianoopolis, Arlington, VA, El Paso, Hood River, are mild and therefore places I have or still invest in instead of where I live in Southern California. The number one question you should also ask yourself is what is my risk tolerance? This along with knowing your investing goals will help you decide if investing out of state is the right move for you. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Price income ratio 
  • How to identity your investing goals 
  • Are you buying for appreciation or cash 
  • Why Christina doesn’t invest in Southern CA
  • High velocity cities vs mild velocity cities 
  • Use FRED (St. Louis FED)  to do research 
  • Know your risk tolerance 
  • Matthew Owens
  • Kirk Carlstrom 


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