#89 Dek Bake: Reputation Over Revenue

“Once you are in a position where you don’t have to worry about cash flow or finances, that’s when the real self actualization starts to come into play.” -Dek Bake


Today I am interviewing Dek Bake, one of the Founders of Fair Trade Real Estate, a California based acquisitions firm dedicated to high quality service in helping investors and everyday people buy and sell homes. Dek, who specializes in residential investment properties, along with a few partners started Fair Trade Real Estate in July 2020. He has completed over 2,500 transactions and handled millions during his so far 12 year career in real estate beginning with his real estate license which he got in Dallas, Texas. 

Dek Bake: Is a former NFL player for the NY Giants. He helped his team win Super Bowl 42 in 2008 against the Patriots. After no longer being able to play football, Dek ended up with a mentor that convinced him to get involved in real estate. He got his real estate license in Dallas Texas and started working for a wholesaling firm. Fast forward to now he is an investor and one of the Founder’s of Fair Trade Real Estate. 



  • Why Dek chose wholesaling 
  • Why he relocated to CA from TX
  • What is an acquisitions expert 
  • Why the CA market differs from TX
  •  Why comping housing in CA is difficult compared to TX
  • Understanding that the market is all about inventory 
  • Bruce Norris and the Norris Group 
  • High quality service for a fair trade 
  • Why people work with acquisition experts
  • Income properties vs passive 
  • Using cash flow to deepen and further your purpose 


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Find out more about Dek here: 

Website Fairtraderealestate.com

Email dek@fairtraderealestate.com 

Phone 714-604-6959