#9 David Thompson: How Can I Help? The question for Maintaining Long Term Relationships in Real Estate

“The Investor has to win, our partners have to win and the community and the residents have to win.” -David Thompson 


Today I am interviewing David Thompson, the founder of Thompson Investing, which invests in domestic and international projects in multi family, single family and land development. After deciding to leave the corporate world, David began investing in storage units, mobile home parks and multi family apartments. David has written Vetting an Apartment Deal Sponsor: Ten Tips from an Insider as well as authored his new ebook Riches to Niches Success. David is a speaker, educator, author and appears on podcasts such as The Real Estate Foundation podcast, Joseph Fairless and many more. 


David Thompson: Obtained his MBA in Finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management as well as graduated with an B.A from Arizona State University as summa cum laude. David is currently a partner and sponsor for syndication deals where he has raised over $400 million in private equity. Ironically, the start of David’s real estate career began with a simple search and discovering Bigger Pockets. There David found his mentor and began his career knowing in order to succeed in real estate he had to join in and learn from the experts. 



  • How be began his investing career on Bigger Pockets
  • The importance of having a mentor 
  • How his financial planning background prepared him for real estate 
  • What are the best practices to vet your partners 
  • Why choosing the right partner matters most 
  • How real estate allocates you the freedom to live on your own time 
  • Working with top level operators 
  • Developing long term relationships with partners and investors
  • Determining if this is a good deal for you, your partners and your family 
  • Taking lessons and paying them forward 


Listen now and find out how David found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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