#90 Christina Suter: Education- Investing Out of State and Market Cycles

“If you’re riding an appreciation market, you want to try to purchase either in the lower half of the downturn or the beginning of the up turn and sell at the top of the market or as the market is starting to decrease.” -Christina Suter


Today I am talking about out of state markets, their cycles and why it’s important to understand what the rules are for your asset in a particular market. The two types of markets are stabilized and highly volatile. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are high volatile markets which are great for high appreciating assets like buy and hold. Cities like Boise and Knoxville are stable markets that are great for cash on cash assets like rental properties. You can use the St. Louis FRED for charts for specific markets to study market cycles and other information like home prices, unemployment, GDP, income inequality and more. It is one of the richest resources I use to do my due diligence. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • How do markets work 
  • What are the  rules for your asset and its market 
  • What does it mean to invest in a stabilized market vs a highly volatile market 
  • St. Louis FRED
  • What asset provides a higher cash on cash return 
  • What markets are undisturbed by recessions 
  • The quadrants of investing 
  • What is the affordability index
  • What to do on the up turn and down turn
  • How to calculate current market comps 
  • High appreciation vs low appreciation 


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