#91 Wes Hill: The Investors Perspective on Professionalized Management

“1 of the nicest things about real estate is anybody can manage anyway they want within the confines of being legal.” -Wes Hill


Today I am interviewing a very special guest, Wes Hill who is one of the creators of Multi Family Asset Advisors. As a certified Property Manager and California Real Estate Broker, Wes has been involved in over $200 million transactions and is part owner in over 1,000 units in California, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. He has presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi Family meeting. 

Wes Hill: Got started in real estate as a college student working as an onsite handy man where he mowed lawns, painted buildings, and managed bookkeeping. After receiving his BA from the University of San Diego, he moved to Chico, CA and worked at a property management company. In 1994 he and his wife purchased their first multi family property and continued to purchase properties as the years went on. In 2000 he started his own management firm, Hill Properties. Since then he has invested in larger and larger assets in the multi family sector in his own personal portfolio as well as $200 million in real estate transactions. 




  • Building a portfolio in multi family investing 
  • How Wes got involved in real estate 
  • Why Wes only invest in multi family 
  • What is a 1031 exchange
  • Why affordable housing will always be in need
  • What are value add properties 
  • How to add value to multi family assets 
  • Triple net deals
  • Why you should invest in something bigger with more people 
  • Paul Moore’s Book “The Perfect Investment” 
  • Why and how to hire 3rd party property management 
  • What is the investors perspective 
  • Pushing revenue 
  • Why you should work with someone that has the equity 
  • What are B class properties 
  • Why Wes thinks you should take care of the property management company 
  • Ways to own a percentage of a property 
  • Always add your terms into the legal agreement 
  • The 2008 crash 
  • Seller carry 
  • What is professionalized management and why you need it

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Find out more about Wes here: 

Website MultiFamilyAssetAdvisors

Email wes@multifamilyassetadvisors.com