#92 Christina Suter: Education- Investing in Appreciating Markets

“Generally an appreciating market, I think of it as sprinting. Short, compact and has a specific beginning and a specific end. It has a specific purpose and you don’t want to lose track of it.” -Christina Suter


Today I am talking about what it’s like investing in appreciating markets and what cycles can do to your investing style. Cycles can last for years, but the fluctuation of appreciating and depreciating cycles vary depending on affordability, pending sales and demand. You can use the St. Louis FRED to find housing charts for your particular area. Three to six months is how long it takes to notice a clear direction. There are various indicators that also let you know when a cycle is hitting the top and those are the people around you are starting to invest in rental properties and you find that there are more real estate agents than deals. Educating yourself on the movement of cycles will help you not only become a better investor, but it will help you see how cycles move and how to prepare for the next one.  


Topics Covered in this episode:


  • What are appreciating markets 
  • Why LA county is considered an appreciating market 
  • St. Louis FRED
  • Why do cycles take 3-6 months and what does that mean for investors 
  • What should you do at the bottom of  chart and what does it mean 
  • What are some methods for purchasing and selling for cycles during upturn and downturns 
  • Why can cycles last so long 
  • Bruce Norris and The Norris Group 
  • What is the affordability index
  • What to do when you missed a turn 
  • Prices will show the data 


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