#95 Jeff Greenberg: Bringing the Pieces Together as a Syndicator

“I always feel the biggest hurdle in real estate is between your ears. The concepts of doing real estate are not that difficult. Most of it is you.” -Jeff Greenberg


Today I am interviewing Jeff Greenberg who is the CEO and Managing Member of Synergetic Investment Group, a company that acquires multi family assets in the US. They have been involved in 50 million in projects handling over 1100 units. Their properties are located in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Georgia. SIG also invests in student housing currently holding 300 beds. Jeff has been featured on 30 different podcasts including Bigger Pockets, Millennial Millionaires, Wealth Junkies, and many more.

Jeff Greenberg: Started his real estate path later on in life by being introduced to the concept by a friend. Diving right in, Jeff spent a few years after learning the game before making his first purchase in commercial real estate in 2010. With a background in management, Jeff had the right skill sets necessary for managing commercial real estate properties. He spent 2010-2019 syndicating for multi-family units and student housing. Now Jeff continues to conservatively evaluate deals while bringing the pieces together as a syndicator.  



  • What happened in Jeff in 2005 that made him start investing 
  • Why Jeff was not interested in short selling 
  • How he acquired his first property, a 20 unit in Texas
  • Why Jeff thinks mindset is the key to getting up and getting started 
  • Why is education important 
  • Real estate is a lot of work 
  • How to conservatively evaluate deals 
  • How to recommit to the reality of real estate
  • Why you shouldn’t over project 
  • Always pay attention to who you’re dealing with 
  • What is economic occupancy 
  • Why it takes 6-months to a year to occupy a building 
  • The hassle and the hustle 
  • What a phenomenal team is key 
  • Are flippers responsible for changing the culture of a building 
  • How do you create tenant loyalty 


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Find out more about Jeff here: 

Website synergeticinvestmentgroup.com