#97 Hunter Thompson: A Passive Syndicated Approach to Investing

“If you can prepare yourself emotionally to fail, but create systems that are going to be set up very well, you’re going to be in a great position.” -Hunter Thompson


Today I am interviewing Hunter Thompson who is the Managing Principal at Asym Capital. At Asym Capital Hunter is responsible for helping his clients invest in passive cash flow investments working in various assets that include residential and commercial syndications, syndicated office space investments, bridge financing opportunities, mobile home parks and more. He is an educator, speaker, mentor and has written the book Raising Capital For Real Estate. He offers free training and is the host of the podcast Cash Flow Connections


Hunter Thompson: Started his real estate career during the beginning of the 2008 downturn when he graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in Political Science. He used the crash to learn different strategies for dealing with the market at that time by focusing on recession resistant opportunities. Today Hunter has raised 50 million dollars and uses various systems that bring his clients a healthy return on their investments.



  • What is a real estate network and how to use it 
  • What is Asym Capital and what do they do 
  • Why Hunter calls himself a syndication capital raisier 
  • What is a limited partner investment 
  • What is a passive syndicated approach to investing 
  • What is true passive investing: Hard money lending and syndications 
  • What it means to be asset agnostic
  • Why you MUST ALWAYS vet the syndicator 
  • What are some of the myths of passive investing 
  • What are recession resistant opportunities 
  • What is the nurture system 
  • Why you can be successful without being a genius 
  • What are your hold structures
  • Who is Jeremy Roll 
  • Why there is a ton of false education in the real estate market 
  • Should you share your data
  • What to do vs how to implement it 


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Find out more about Hunter here: 

Website Asymcapital.com

Book Raising Capital for Real Estate