#98 Christina Suter: Education- Investing in Stabilized Markets & What Works

“When you’re investing in Knoxville, TN, your capital improvements will wipe you out faster than when you get a higher rent base like you would in a Southern California market.” -Christina Suter 

I am continuing with my 4 part series on investing in appreciating and depreciating markets and what that means. Today I am talking about stabilized markets and some of the ways investors can invest in these types of markets and what that means. A stabilized market can be found in places like Knoxville and Indianapolis because although appreciation is not high, it is stabilized because I can expect for them not to dip too low during recessions and other major economic disruptions. Rentals in these markets are consistent with of course their own negative drawbacks like what happens when you increase rents or vacancies, but overall investing in stabilized markets is positive. Using FRED and studying housing charts for your desired location is the first way to really dig into whether a market is stabilized or not. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Fred Housing chart 
  • What is a stabilized market 
  • What is the level of demand in these markets 
  • Why rentals stay consistent in stabilized markets 
  • Cash flow vs appreciation 
  • Why turnover is extremely important in these markets 
  • Can tenant loyalty affect your investment 
  • Why you should avoid B- through D properties 
  • How to manage damage 
  • Do flips work in price sensitive markets 
  • What are lower margin markets
  • What effects do price changes cause in stabilized vs appreciation markets 


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