#99 Jeffrey Isenberg: From the Investors Point of View

“It’s a real benefit to be able to have the knowledge and the data and to be working with the right people.” -Jeff Isenberg


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Jeffrey Insenberg who I have known for quite some time and is the sponsor of my FIBI Pasadena meeting. He is an agent at the renowned Buckingham Investments. They focus on helping their clients build long term wealth using commercial real estate assets with their Learn, Plan, and Invest program. He is also the Title Sponsor and host of the  Multifamily Investor Network which meets every 4th Tuesday of the month. 

Jeffrey Isenberg: Is from Montreal Canada, but has spent the past 20 years as a resident of Los Angeles. He is the former VP of a leading company in high end video displays in the Live Event Industry. His background in contract negotiations, sales and marketing gave him the skills for a smooth transition into real estate. He helps people build their portfolios and net worth by using multi family asset acquisitions and other types of income streams. 



  • What is Buckingham Investments 
  • What is multi family asset acquisitions 
  • How do 20 years in the live entertainment business help Jeff transition into real estate 
  • Marty Stone’s book The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing
  • How to approach it simply 
  • What are long term buy and hold strategies 
  • What is the Buckinghams financial model 
  • Why the bank does not participate in your capital
  • Leverage 
  • What are market nuances 
  • You are investing for appreciation 
  • What is owner occupied 
  • Why it’s important to have an investing plan 
  • Leverage is a working asset 
  • How do multi units get attached to cap rates 
  • Using the gross rent multiplier 
  • Detailed comps are a necessity 
  • What is the investors point of view 


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Find out more about Jeff here: 

Website Buckinghaminvestments.com