#15 Aaron Norris: Finding Your Niche in Real Estate

“Looking at what I want my retirement to look like, and to also be challenged, real estate provides so many avenues for creativity and data including the people I get to work with. I never thought I’d end up in real estate and I’ve really learned to love it. “-Aaron Norris 


Today I am interviewing Aaron Norris who is the VP of Market Insights at PropertyRadar. He is also Vice President of The Norris Group which is a well established hard money lending company founded by his father Bruce Norris. Aaron’s passion for real estate didn’t come about until he moved back to southern CA from spending a decade in New York City studying the arts and performing as an actor. Fast forward to now, Aaron has created his own niche within the real estate market by creating award winning resources by producing market timing reports for the real estate community. He is a writer on Frobes.com, Biggerpockets.com and Think Reality Magazine. Most of Aaron’s work revolves around research technology and studying very valuable and useful data within the real estate market. 

Aaron Norris: Is the son of hard money lender and economist Bruce Norris. Aaron has recently carved out his own niche by becoming the Vice President of Market insights at PropertyRadar which is a highly established hyperlocal marketing and property to owner information provider. Aaron is also a writer, producer and cohost of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast




Listen now and find out how Aaron found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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